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José Pablo Calvo V

José Pablo Calvo V

Pablo Calvo is a native Costarican drummer and percussionist. He started his music journey when he was only twelve years old.Over the years, he has broaden the musical scene in Costa Rica with a variety of rhythms, styles and elements proper of a musician raised in a Latin American Country.

As the result of his “fresh and accurate” style, he is highly seeked by several bands to make records of several genres. He has played with important bands who have a high index of sales such as “Tango India”.

With over 18 years of experience and success in the music business, talent and dedication have leaded him to travel around the world sharing what he loves the most, his Music. He has been invited to perform at different music fests around the world such as France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Cuba, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico; among others in which he had the opportunity to receive seminars and classes with different professors.

Pablo manages a wide diversity of rhythms, including Pop, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Rock, as well as many others.He combines his experience as a drummer and percussionist , with the Marimba, an instrument that resembles a rich tradition in Costa Rica´s music history.

Over the last years, he has performed with many local and international artists, developing strong skills in Large Venues, as well as Small ones. From a Big Stadium to a small club, Pablo has his very own way of making a difference on his performance; he is a music player with lots of energy, passion and dedication

Nowadays he is a profesor at the Universidad de Costa Rica, inheriting all of his virtues and knowledge to future musicians. He also plays with the outstanding pop bands, regarding the artistic performance, “Los Ajenos” (get more info at and “Porpartes”, wich have been nominated to the L. Grammy in 2007.

As his latest achievement, Pablo was choosed to participate on the Latinamerican V-Drums Championship on September 2011 as the Costa Rica Roland Drummer.