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Jorge Sepulveda

Jorge Sepulveda

Coming from a current of drummers and percussionists deeply influenced by the traditional music from both coasts of Colombia, Jorge Sepúlveda has developed a highly expressive style and an experimental approach to rhythm. After a short incursion in rock and ska music, Sepúlveda started a research work on afro-colombian rhythms and a autodidactic discovery of improvisatory languages akin to jazz music.

He studied at Escuela Colombiana de Jazz (ECOJAZZ) and at Universidad del Bosque. Among the masters he has learned from in private teaching are: Ernesto Simpson, Urián Sarmiento, and the traditional percussionists Encarnación Tovar “el Diablo,” José Plata, José Plata, Sixto Silgado “Paito” and Antonio Torres “Gualajo”, among others.

Some of the musicians, groups, and orchestras that Sepúlveda has worked with are: Antonio Arnedo, Ramón Benítez, Tico Arnedo, Claudia Gómez, Lucia Pulido, Hugo Candelario, Pacho Dávila, Juan Sebastián Monsalve, Ricardo Gallo, Juan Pablo Balcazar, Curupira, Puerto Candelaria, Alekumá, the Argentineans Fernando Tarres, Ernesto Jodos, Jerónimo Carmona, Mariano Otero, Daniel Johansen and Juan Pablo Arredondo; el German pianist Nicolas Meihnhol; The Symphony Orchestra of Montevideo, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá.

Sepúlveda has recorded as a band member in the following titles: “Pa lante pa tra”, “Puya que te coge” and “El Fruto” with the group Curupira; “La Revuelta” and ¨Habichuela with Asdrúbal; “Primero mi tía quinteto” y ¨Pingueria¨ with Primero mi Tía; “Cerros testigos” with Ricardo Gallo Quartet (the last five titles under the label La Distritofónica); and has been invited to participate in the following titles: “Canto Mestizo” and ¨Invasores del Espacio¨ with Pacho Dávila; “Majagua” with Claudia Gómez; “Llegó la banda” with Puerto Candelaria; “Songbook I (Beliefs)” “Songbook II (Beliefs)” and ¨Songbook III (Beliefs)¨ wirh Lucía Pulido and Fernando Tarrés (under the label Buenos Aires Underground, BAU) y ¨ do pretty¨ with the group Lulacruza.

His more noteworthy recognitions are: second prize best performer and second best band at the First Festival of New Colombian Music organized by the British American Tobacco Foundation for Colombian Culture, prize in the festival Jazz al Parque 2004 for his composition “La Revuelta”

He founded in march 2004 with other young Colombian musicians the collective “ La Distritofonica ( with the purpose of supporting the work of several groups from the Bogotá scene, and promote their recordings and concerts.

In the moment, Sepúlveda works in the following groups: Suricato, Antonio Arnedo Quartet, Ricardo Gallo Quartet, Curupira, Primero mi Tia, Asdrúbal, and Parséc Trio. He is at the moment drum professor in the faculty of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana