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Jorge Ciraolo

Jorge Ciraolo, Born May 15th 1958, Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the early age of four he started to study Native Percussion with professors of the National Institute of Dance. (Instituto Nacional de Danzas.) His first experiences where at an early age with artists such as Ariel Ramírez, Mercedes Sosa, Hernán Figueroa Reyes and Jaime Torres.

With almost nine years of age, he started his drum lessons with his master Osvaldo López. Thanks to him, he related since a young age with great musicians of local jazz and rock, still today playing with the greatest representatives of this styles. He colaborated with Osvaldo López, his eternal professor & friend, in the sessions of his first record "Sanata y Clarificación" (1972), band directed by R. Alchourrón, and years later in the record "A 18 minutos del Sol", by "Banda Spinetta".

He studied "Native percussion related to fusion music" with the great master "Domingo Cura".

At 17 years-of-age, he studied "Symphonic Percussion" in the "Manuel De Falla" conservatory.

He also studied "Afro-cuban Percussion & regionals" with individual professors, between them Pocho Porteño.

Between his most emblematic bands, one needs to distinguish "Testimonios", which up from 1973 filled numerous theatres of Buenos Aires, until it's separation on 1980's September, with 5 shows in the classic Bodega del Café Tortoni. He also founded "Psique", pioneer band in Argentine's fusion rock, which would later clear the way for diverse bands, such as "Fantasmata" & "Luciérnaga Curiosa", which played at BArock, 1982.

He played percussion with "Ariel Prat y su banda Elástica", band that participated in the Latin-american Solidarity Festival (Festival de Solidaridad Latinoamericana) on 16th May, 1982.

In the '90's he was the drummer and percussionist of the legendary jazz band "La Máscara". Following several years, three records and numerous presentations in important theatres, he separates from the band to colaborate in jobs with jazz musicians such as Javier Malosetti, Luis Salinas, Carlos Madariaga, Marcelo Torres and others.

He performed several jobs as a recording sessionist until present day, venturing way further than jazz & rock, into other genres; even in children's music with artist Teresita Rossi. He was also a teacher for many years, dictating numerous drum clinics.

With all mentioned bands he recorded albums and is at present day recording a CD-DVD with his first band "Testimonios", in the progressive-rock genre. Also his jazz trío (Ciraolo, Lalli, Pagliuca), such as his folclore-jazz fusion band with singer Marcela Hernández, are actively working to come up with new material to the scenarios.

On February 2012, he joined the Soultone family.


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