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Jordan Fuqua, born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, has always been a natural drummer at heart. As a toddler he would tap on everything he could, and was quickly placed in drum lessons at the early age of 9 years old, and continued until 20 years old. Jordan grew up playing in church most of his childhood and teenage years, and quickly found a liking to Gospel music, fusion, and Jazz. As time progressed, Jordan was able to join the concert band, marching band, and jazz band's in high school, and quickly gravitated to percussion. Jordan was twice selected for the All-county concert band, and became drum captain by his senior year. Following his high-school career, Jordan quickly entered the "gigging" scene, and was able to perform all over his local county. Jordan has performed at restaurants, bars, clubs, private parties, schools, retirement facilities, churches, and much more. While playing these gigs, Jordan was then introduced to the "pop" scene, and was able to travel and play with pop sensation, Taylor Hewitt. He was able to perform at venues such as "Play-List Live", "Stage-it online", and the headquarters of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA. Following this first music experience, Jordan was accepted into the Florida State University college of music, where he studied Jazz drum-set for a period of time.

After leaving Florida State University, Jordan was able to return home and continue his musical career. Jordan began to expand his horizons in Florida, and perform in areas such as Orlando, and Winter Haven for numerous Jazz related performances. Furthermore, he was introduced to the "Christian" artist scene, as he was able to perform with touring Hip-Hop artist "KJ-52", touring contemporary christian artist, Brad Alden, touring gospel electric guitarist Tyler Logan, christian music streaming service, Prazor, and much more professional talent.

Currently, Jordan teaches percussion at a local high school, and is still connected in the christian and gospel music industries. Jordan teaches private lessons, as well as playing out locally. He continues to stay in network with the Christian music scene, and plans to work his way farther into that industry once he graduates from college. Jordan eventually plans to raise a family solely off of music, and move to a big city one day. Until then, he keeps his faith strong in God, and will follow his dream until it comes to pass.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Old K Crash/Ride
17" Natural Crash
14" Natural Hats