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Gentlemen of Tragedy

Born into the family of a symphony/choral conductor, Jonny learned at an early age vocal, harmonies, trumpet, piano and violin. He always wanted to play drums but due to the religious upbringing, he was not allowed to. Being classically trained laid down a firm musical theory for him, helping him understand that drums should play their part, but not overplay so the music could breathe. His parents finally bought him his first drum set at 18, to hopefully quiet him down and thought it was going to last for a few months. This did not happen as Jonny taught himself how to play drums and later made drumming his career with the multi-award-winning reggae band, Arden Park Roots. He also became a studio sessions drummer, recording on many different albums varying from gospel to country to metal. He turned his drumming into his career, touring full time and recording when the band was home. He won many National Awards with the band Arden Park Roots and they even were inducted into the SAMMIES (Sacramento Grammys) Hall of Fame in 2012. Jonny has played for several bands, filling in for some, becoming a regular member for others. After 35 years of drumming, Jonny is now playing with the project he is truly passionate about, Gentlemen of Tragedy, an all-star hard rock original band out of his hometown, Sacramento. He gets to help write both musically and vocally in this project. His son, Jamey is now a professional drummer, following Dad’s footsteps. Jonny’s current endorsements include Soultone Cymbals & XCEL Drumsticks

My Soultone Set: 

14” Extreme Hi Hats
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