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Jonathan (Jowi) De Jongh

Jonathan (Jowi) De Jongh

Jonathan (Jowi) De Jongh was borned and raised in Curacao/Willemstad his father played drums for a while at younger age. Jowi discovered his talent and passion for drums at age of 8 at church after a Sunday service when all the kids wanted to play drums like usual.then he got the chance and played that day since then he knew that drums was his thing. After a few years without playing and even saw a drum kit Jowi started taking professional lessons at age of 12 at CCC music school in Curacao with his teacher Ernie Gregorius where he learned all the basics of drums and learned all the basics of reading.
Jowi played his first concert at age of 16 while he kept playing always also in church. After that he received various gigs musicals and concerts with various music groups like gospel worship bands,jazz groups R&b music groups and a lot of studio projects.
Now at age of 24 he’s playing recently at RIB Church Resurection And Life, Octave Jazz Band gospel worship group Sound Of Heaven and he plays with various groups in the genre of R&B and soul music.
Played also with Chantal Huybregts couple of times and Eliyah Oyelade.
His influences are Tony Royster Jr. , Stanley Randolph , Teddy Campbell , Darion Javon , Chris Daddy Dave , Josh Foster and his teacher Ernie Gregorius.

Now Jowi proudly endorses Soultone Cymbals.

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