Jonathan Harris, Jr. |

Jonathan Harris, Jr.

Jonathan Harris, Jr.

When most kids are banging on pots and pans just for fun, Jonathan Harris, Jr. was tapping into an inner passion. Instead of hearing noise come from those pots and pans, Jon heard music! Playing drums has been his first love ever since.

At the tender age of five, he was already playing the drums in church. When it comes to paying dues, Jon knows all about it. Whenever a church service began to get intense, Jon was asked to get up to let the more seasoned drummers handle the service. Basically, having to "wait my turn", is what motivated Jon to prove that he could keep up with the best of 'em! Since those days, Jon has been praying, practicing, and just trusting in God to get to where he is now.

Today he is well on his way! Without any formal training in percussion, Jon still finds himself in a league with the big boys. Watching the older and more experienced percussionists taught him a lot about what to do and what not to do. Because music is just in him, Jon has never relied on reading music to bring you a hot beat! This music maestro has an ear for music that knows what it takes to get you into a groove! He's able to stay in the pocket while laying a groove and sticking to it. This skill has made him able to play a variety of music from jazz, gospel, latin and funk; down to pop, rock, R&B and hip-hop.

His talent, ambition, and drive to be great in music, has afforded him the opportunity to play for a variety of churches, choirs, and festivals. He is currently the drummer for a local Milwaukee church, and has done some studio work. This young talent, with incredible chops has even had the chance to play for gospel great(s), Rev. Shirley Caesar, Crystal Rucker, The Neville Sisters & opened up for Tye Tribbett! With a passion for percussion and a love for music in general, it's evident that this young drummer will definitely go far in the music industry! "God has blessed me with a wonderful gift and I enjoy using it to praise him."