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Jonathan Gunther

Typhon Rising

Jonathan Gunther was born on November 24th, 1995 with a will to create music in his own unique way. When he was just a young lad growing up in the small town of Islip, New York, Jonathan “borrowed” his brother Mike’s drum pad and drum sticks and proceeded to play grooves without any rhyme or reason to it.
Jonathan tried playing along to songs he heard on the radio on his parents couch. But once his parents got tired of him beating up the couch they decided it would be more beneficial to get him a drum set of his own. So like any 13 year old who didn’t know how to play drums Jonathan began playing beats with ridiculous time signatures and it looked like he was never going have a future as a drummer. But once Jonathan saw such talented drummers such as Thomas Pantaleo, Joey Jordison, Thomas Lang, Milton Hernandez, Dennis Chambers, Travis Barker, Brian and Cliff Hendrickson, Rob Bourdon, Jimmy Sullivan, and many other drummers that he doesn’t have enough room in this bio to mention, he decided that he wanted to become the best drummer that he could be.
Jonathan then gave his child sized drum set to his church and saved up his own money to buy his very first real drum set. He then began the slow process of teaching himself how to play drums. Jonathan believes that a self taught musician possesses more creativity in his playing because a self taught musician doesn’t have to play whatever is on a piece of sheet music. A self taught musician plays whatever comes to his/her mind and takes that idea and molds it into a song that mesmerizes others as they watch in such awe that inspires the onlooker to pick up a pair of sticks themselves and jam whatever comes to mind. Not saying that learning how to play isn’t beneficial. If a drummer wants to learn the traditional way of playing drums, then he may be the same as many drummers around the world who read sheet music. Then they should pursue that dream. But what is being creative without being different from everyone else.
By age 16 Jonathan owned 2 drum sets and began playing with his father in a gospel music band. By then Jonathan was still a beginner drummer but began playing his first real gigs. Once Jonathan turned 17 he began his current band known as Typhon Rising. ( This band consists of 2 of his best friends David, Mikey, and Jonathan’s brother Mike. Typhon Rising has begun playing gigs and is having a blast doing it. “We consider anything we do other then play, playing gigs and such, as extra credit. We all have a passion for playing music and love playing with each other as brothers and as best friends” Michael Gunther said.
Jonathan wanted to take his drumming career to the next level by becoming endorsed by a cymbal company like many of his idols. Jonathan found Soultone Cymbals online and tried out a few of their cymbals to test them out. He then quickly realized that Soultone Cymbals have a unique sound that no other cymbal can produce. And they possess the kind of dark sound that Jonathan likes in his cymbals. After being welcomed to the Soultone family Jonathan looked to the series of cymbals known as the Extreme Series for his dark tone. He was not disappointed. Jonathan looks forward to a bright future with Soultone Cymbals and hopes to make them proud and spread the word to others that Soultone Cymbals have the kind of sound that works with any kind of genre and fits it beautifully.

My Soultone Set: 

7" Bronze Bell
18" Extreme Crash/ Ride
14" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
20" Extreme Ride
18" Extreme China
8" Extreme Splash
17" Extreme Crash