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Jonathan Gianola

Jonathan Gianola was born on August 26 in 1983, San Carlos, Uruguay. He began playing drums at the age of eighteen. It was then that Jonathan made his first public concert with the band Subcultura.

At 19 he started taking drum lessons with the professor Pablo Abdala for a year and a half . At 21 he study the concept of jazz with Jorge Rodriguez Stark.

At that time began to be recognized as one of the best drummers in the area and is characterized by its powerful groove in rock bands.

In 2006, started playing metal in a band called Dawn of Defiance as a session musician. At that time he meets Alvaro Kinley (one of the best bassists in Uruguay) with whom he begins a musical project. With several styles and genres they call the band Sagrario.

Jonathan recorded several EP with Subcultura and Sagrario where it shows the versatility of the double pedal, his energy, good mobility and very good high speed rolls.

After that he attended classes with the musician and professor Marcelo `mape´´Bossio to improve his hand technique, bossa nova rhythms and irregular metrics.

He also recorded a demo with the band PATH and play as a session musician for a couple of years. In this demo it shows double bass speed, strength and his very own style.

Jonathan teaches in his private study called Estudios Terodactilo where he uses Benny Greb´s method: Language of the drumming.

He is a drummer with a very good groove and great versatility, his style is unique and very characteristic, wich gives a lot of energy.

He has a mix o rock, metal, fusion, gospel, drums and bass and some details of jazz.

His influences are John Bonham as his hero, Thomas Pridgen and drummers like Benny Greb, Aaron Spears and Chad Smith.

Today is known as one of the best drummers in Uruguay and Argentina. Currently plays with Subcultura y Sagrario and also works a session musician.

Looking forward to go to USA to play and be known throughout the world while he´s giving clinics as an Soultone drummer for different countries.

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