Jonathan is a Drummer and Music Producer borned and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the age of 11, started his studies at Piano and Classical Guitar, but after a few years he discovered his true passion.
During five years studied Percussion with several renowned musicians and professors, from whom he could learn and excel his skills to achieve great development whit his instrument. Even today he continues improving his skills with his great master, Fernando Scarcella, Rata Blanca's drummer.
For a long time he has played in projects of different styles, participating as a guest musician in the musical circuit of Buenos Aires. Something to highlight, Jonathan was stable member of Aniron, Symphonic Metal band with which he recorded a studio album and shared the stage with internationally renowned bands such as Kamelot and Paradise Lost.
All his experience, judgement and passion for music took him to study and graduate in Music School of Buenos Aires as Music Producer.
Nowadays is Armonauta's drummer, argentinian Post-Grunge band, in which is currently working on their second studio album with the renowned latin american Producer Damian Torrisi.

My Soultone Set: 

• 8" Custom Brilliant Splash
• 10" Custom Brilliant Splash
• 14" Gospel Hi Hat
• 18" Extreme China
• 18" Custom Brilliant Crash
• 19" Custom Brilliant Crash
• 20" Custom Brilliant Crash
• 21" Custom Brilliant Crash
• 22" Custom Brilliant Crash
• 22" Extreme Ride