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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis was born into a family with a deep devotion to music and has always been a lover of all music. His father, LaMont Davis, is a renowned guitarist/ producer from Detroit. His grandmother, Dorothy Perry, was an organist/music instructor in the Detroit Public Schools. In addition to several family members that play the drums, Jonathan also has relatives that sing, as well as play the bass, keyboard, horns and percussion.

Jonathan discovered his love of the drums at the tender age of six, while watching a video of his cousin, Rory Johnson, perform a drum solo. He knew then that the drums were definitely for him. He began practicing at home with his father and developing his musical gifts. At the age of nine, Jonathan began playing for the Children’s Choir at his church, Exodus Missionary Baptist Church. By the time he was 16, he had become the lead drummer for all the church’s choirs.

As he got older, Jonathan’s appreciation for and dedication to his craft grew as well. He became influenced by drummers such as Dennis Chambers, Marvin McQuitty, Calvin Rodgers, John Coleman, John Blackwell, Lamar Johnson, and Stevon Bibbs. From them, he learned to develop a strong pocket, stage presence, as well as defined accents & fills. In addition to his position at his home church, Jonathan has also worked with both the BM&E State and BM&E Congress choirs. He has earned the respect of his peers nationwide by proving himself as a dynamic musician.

In 2008, Jonathan was presented with the opportunity to work outside of the church. He assumed the drummer position left vacant by one of his mentors, Earl Orr, with a band called “The Science Fair”. Jonathan turned out to be just what the band needed for the new direction they were looking to take the band’s sound, which was a refreshing alternative sound that sets them apart from many of their counterparts. Since joining the band, Jonathan has played on their two most recent EP’s: Make It True and Ready Like A Radio.