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Jonathan Coleman

Jonathan Coleman

I was born in Jackson, MS. I began playing drums at 7 and my first opportunity, of course, was in church. I got my first drum set from my grandmother My first shot came in the 6th grade. I was offered to play for the children’s choir by the then pastors wife. Marching band was a big part of life for me during that time as well. I marched snare drum from 7th grade until my junior year of high school. I believe that marching band helped develop my musicianship.

Currently I am working as an independent drummer looking to tour and do some live recording. I’ve been featured in the “Amped & Wired” series on the Mississippi public broadcast network three times with some of Mississippi’s local artists. The opportunity to be a part of the Soultone Cymbals family is one that I’m grateful for and I look forward to the future. 8.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Abby Ride
16" Abby Crash
14" Abby Hi Hat Pair