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Jonas Jørgensen Aasnes

Jonas Jørgensen Aasnes


• Jonas Jørgensen Aasnes
• Born 01.07.93
• 180 cm
• Senja, Norway
• Working at a recordstore
• Plays a Tama kit
• Loves Soultone Cymbals more than anything!

Jonas has been drumming since the age of 12. In 2005, he and his buddy teamed up at his birthday and created a band that is called DRAUGSTANK and is a hardrock/metal band. Draugstank is releasing an EP in 2014 that is called “Et Anna Type Helvette” and is “The Other Type Of Hell” in English. Check out DRAUGSTANK here:

Jonas also plays in a band called SWEET SCARLET, who is also releasing an EP in 2014.

Check out Jonas’s youtube channel here:

My Soultone Set: 

15" Vintage Hi Hat Pair
20" Vintage Crash
22" Vintage Ride
21" Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride