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Jon Eric Pienkowski was born in Portland Or on January 5th, 1985. Raised in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, WA, Jon started his musical endeavors with piano, moving to horns and then the snare drum in the middle school band, and eventually the drumset at age 12. Jon was an active member in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR music scenes at an early age, even helping to organize and run sound at local shows; his first magazine interview at just 16 years old! Jon has more than 6 years of collegiate music study, in theory, orchestration, performance, history, and engineering as well as production; receiving a Master's certification through, most notably, Boston's Berklee School of Music. Now with 20+ years of playing in bands, performing live and working in studios, Jon's determination, passion and drive to make drumming/music into a full-time career is stronger and more supported than ever! In 2019 alone Jon has picked up 3 endorsements through his playing, experience, and online presence. First with Scorpion Percussion, then Soultone Cymbals, and most Recently Mee Audio.
Jon is currently playing with Vancouver Death Metal/Thrash Metal outfit, King Guillotine ( who are represented by EMG Management out of New York; with plans to release music and to tour extensively in 2020.

My Soultone Set: 

8" Gospel Splash
16" Explosion Crash
19" Gospel China FXO 6
15" Vintage Old School Patina China
14" Vintage Old School Patina Hi Hat Pair
21" Natural Crash Ride
15" FXO 12
21" Gospel Mega Bell Ride
10" Explosion Splash
14" Natural Hi Hat Pair

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