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Johnathan Myrie

Johnathan Myrie

Echo Worship | Keto Matthew

Johnathan Myrie, born and raised in Miami, Florida. While listening to the musicians in his church he cultivated a passion for music. His mother gifted him his first drum set at the age of five. Johnathan started out by playing for various churches across South Florida and was the Drummer/Singer for Relief Band. Though he began playing gospel music; Johnathan crafted his own versatile style due to his love for all genres of music. Currently he plays for Echo Worship & Keto Matthew. In August of 2019, he got the opportunity to record live drums for Echo Worship. Most importantly, he believes God has blessed him to then impact generations to come.

My Soultone Set: 

19" Noa Ride
16" Noa Crash
13" Noa Hi Hat Pair
8" Gospel Splash