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John was born in Como, Italy, in 1989. He started playing guitar as first instrument at the age
of seven under the teaching of his father. But it was watching the drummer of his father’s
band that he got interested in drums. It was a revelation! Since that moment, that drummer
lent him a snare drum to start practicing at home.
When John was at the highschool, he started playing in different bands of the Punk, Metal
and Alternative local scene, performing in clubs, parties and festivals.
At the age of 21 he had the chance to have an audition with the Metal band “Ephyra”, and
then became their new drummer!
Since that, a long musical journey has started: the recording of three albums, distributed
worldwide; many live shows across the Europe, in clubs and open air festivals, sharing the
stage with Extreme Metal legends like “Satyricon”, “Carcass”, “Finntroll”, “Pestilence”,
“Arkona”, “TYR” and more; several radio appearances and a fourth upcoming album.
John is also graded in “Drums” by the “Yamaha Music Foundation”, where he studied with
the Italian “Key Teacher” of the “Yamaha Drums Course”, with whom he expanded his own
vocabulary by learning different techniques and styles, such as Jazz and Latin.
Beside his commitment with “Ephyra”, John now works in studio and live gigs as session
drummer with various artists and teaches drums for some music institutes of his area.
He likes to think himself as an “eclectic” drummer, due to his wide musical background, the
knowledge of drums and music history, and the constant research for incorporating
different influences in his drumming.

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