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John Peraza aka Johnny Carnage

John Peraza aka Johnny Carnage

Born in San Bernardino California, John was raised around a marching band, his father was a color guard instructor. John had always taken interest in the Drumline when he was a little boy, always listening to drum instructors countdown 5678 and. At the age of eight years old John started playing the snare drum in his local Elementary School band. Although it did not last very long he loved it very much, all through the years he listen to rock music and idolized the musicians. From bands like Led Zeppelin, kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, The Offspring, and so many more. John knew from a young age he wanted to be on the radio and play huge shows like them. John's father took him to a concert while he was 10 years old to see Ted Nugent and kiss play in front of thousands of people. That was the icing on the cake. When John was 14 years old his father purchased him his first drum set, a cheap Groove percussion drum set that he would start his first local band and many others to follow. John Wood practice for hours to various different artists and using various different techniques, he eventually fell into the Rock and metal scene in Southern California. During John's local band career he opened up for acts such as Korn, Deicide, anthrax, mantis, and many more great artists. After a local show playing with Joey Belladonna from anthrax, John was pulled to the side of the stage by Joey and told how he had everything it took to become a star. John pursued many different bands have many different styles of music, John found himself in a band called Twenty Dollar Prophets. This was a band of musicians like-minded and ready to do whatever it took to go to the top, although John was not an original member he treated the band as if it was his own baby. Working with the producer and songwriter Chris Gonzalez aka Chris Style Beats, John was exactly where he wanted to be amongst people with star matter such as himself. 2 years of playing with the prophets, two to three shows every weekend, two to three practices a week, John found himself opening up for the Kottonmouth Kings, after seeing John and his band perform at a festival they immediately show interests and I asked the prophets to join their new up-and-coming label kingmaker music. You can find all of John's music on iTunes and Spotify as well as music videos on YouTube if you search Twenty Dollar Prophets. John is now touring and recording new music for his band under the label kingmaker music. John is very excited to see what the future holds and is on a mission to become the best drummer he can be.

My Soultone Set: 

Abby Cymbal Pack
20" ride
18" Crash
16" Crash
14" Hi Hats

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