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John Hendrickson

John Hendrickson

It is rare to find someone who is doing exactly what they were born to do. Yet, at 23, John Hendrickson, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, has discovered the very thing that gives rhythm to his soul – his love for drumming. It is a passion that goes beyond mere skill or nurtured talent, but truly comes from the core of his being. Because of this, he does not remain confined to one genre of music-his versatility allowing him to play with a tremendous diversity of musicians and bands throughout the United States and around the world.

Over the past 13 years, John has traveled to numerous countries such as Mexico, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia to share his passion for music. Closer to home, he has played in venues such as Flushing Meadows Park (NY), Bartle Hall (Kansas City), The Rose Bowl (Pasadena), WSCTC (Seattle), Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City), The US Bank Arena (Cincinnati), IHOP (International House of Prayer) of Kansas City and many more.

In addition to a discography of more than 60 recordings, John also makes it a priority to travel to other states, from Hawaii to the east coast teaching workshops which aim to develop, motivate, and enhance musicians of all skills.

Currently John is playing full time for: Misty Edwards, you can view live at: