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John Bean

John Bean hits them hard and fast for legendary hardcore band SLAPSHOT.

Bean has been tearing it up behind the kit for years, the driving force behind many bands. Born and raised in the Boston area, John mastered many genres – playing speed metal with DESLOK, stoner rock with HEADCLEANER, metalcore with BITTER, pop punk with FRIGATE and hardcore with SLAPSHOT. John grew up listening to all sorts of rock music, and his influences range from Devo and The Clash to The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Throughout the years he developed his own rock-solid style. His flare for showmanship gets people talking – it is very hard not to notice John’s brutal assault on his drum kit. The only uncertainty to Bean’s drumming is whether his kit will survive the battering...

“...If the Buzzcocks-meets-Blondie outfit's explosive set at CMJ Music Marathon is any indication, Bean's drum kit might not live through the show." – Boston Globe Calendar, Frigate review

John has toured extensively, playing in 23 different countries over the years. He will be heading back out for another world tour with Slapshot, during the spring and summer of 2012.

When he’s not on the road, John runs his own recording studio, working with the likes of Slapshot, Dropkick Murphys, and Vertical Horizon. He has been recording and producing bands since the early 90s, and continues to work with talent, expand his knowledge of new technology, and build up his collection of studio gear.

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