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Joey Bendele

Jonny James

Joey Bendele aka BamBam was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He began his drumming career as a self taught drummer at age 7. He has been in several rock and metal bands throughout his middle school and high school years, such as SakeRed and Melbourne Drive. In 2011, he became the full time drummer for Christian Pop Rock group, Ballenger. After 2 years touring the US and Canada, he stepped down as drummer to spend time with his children and family. For several years, he worked on becoming a better drummer and honing his craft to be able to play different styles of music. He was approached by Nashville recording artist; Jonny James in late 2019, and became Jonny’s full time drummer in early 2020.





My Soultone Set: 

18” Extreme Crash
19” Extreme Crash
20” Extreme Crash
22” Extreme Ride
10” Extreme Splash
12” Extreme Splash
15” Extreme Hi Hats
18” Extreme China