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Joe Zerilli

Joe Zerilli

Passionate and ambitious, New York born drummer Joe Zerilli is committed to pushing the limits of his creativity. He eagerly steps up to each new challenge, consistently improving his technique and bringing an out-of-the-box perspective to all situations.

First picking up the sticks in ‘99, Zerilli has filled his life with music. Six years of private lessons, consistent and determined practice, and playing in bands starting in middle school have honed both his technical skills as well as his collaborative ones. Inspired by legends such as Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Travis Barker, Dave Grohl & many more, he has high aspirations and the drive to get him there.

Comfortable behind kits of various sizes and confident in many genres, Zerilli has kept time for travel jazz bands and composed NYSSMA snare solo competitions. As a founding member he found a home and family within Long Island based alternative indie/pop rock band, Monkeybite for the past seven years. Today he is setting up shop in California scoping out new ventures.

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme series

-14” hi-hats



-19” crash

-21” ride

-10” splash