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Joe Vassallo

Night Mother

Joe Vassallo found drumming later in life than most. Never picking up a pair of sticks till he was 17 years, Joe began playing drums for anything he could, Jazz Band, Marching Band, and even for the Youth group at his church. Since graduating, Joe has played in several projects, varying in style, ranging from contemporary Christian to Punk, Hardcore to Alternative Rock. Through the years, Joe has drawn inspiration from bands such as: Rush, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to heavy hitters like Sleep, Neurosis and The Sword among others. He’s also inspired by independent drummers and educators such as Dave Elitch, Benny Grebb, Thomas Lang, Mike Johnston, Justin Scott and Paul Mabury. Currently, Joe plays in the 2-piece, Doom Metal project “Night Mother”. Combining Joe’s love of heavy music and Dungeons & Dragons. Joe has had the pleasure to share the stage with Midwest Metal giants like Toke, Telekenetic Yeti, Closet Witch and Meth.


My Soultone Set: 

20" Heavy Hammered Crash
18" Heavy Hammered Crash
15" Natural Hi Hats