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Joe Northcott was born in the small town of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada in 1992. He is the original and current drummer in the "Bump 'n' Groove" metal band, Slagduster. He has been playing drums since he was just two years old! Joe has played in many bands and a variety of genres, from country to death metal.
He is currently endorsed by Spaun Drums and Soultone Cymbals.

Slagduster, since their inception in 2009, have played with many well known names in metal, such as Soulfly, Napalm Death, Anciients, Suffocation, and many more. They embarked on a cross Canada tour in 2015 with Vancouver's Expain, playing cities from Vancouver all the way to Toronto.

When Joe isn't touring or playing local shows, he usually spends his time recording drums for local and out of town artist. Follow Joe on any of the social networks, as he posts about all his musical endeavours weekly! Also check out Slagduster's social network pages, as they do regular updates on shows, videos and everything in between!

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