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Joan Gerardino, a young percussionist, born in Machiques de Perija (Venezuela), at an early age began his music adventure by playing a national instrument known as the “Cuatro Venezolano”, while being pushed by his teacher, Luis Millano. At the short age of 9 years old, he began his career in Latin percussion when he became a student at Funda Graez y La Sinfónica Juventil de Machiques (Funda Graez and the youth simphony of Machiques) which then sparked his interest in congas, timbals and bongos during a period of 4 years. He then became a member of a few local bands and groups such as: Caribeños, Bravos Gaiteros , Sonata and others... At that point, he began to define his career as a percussionist. In 2012 he moved to a city in Venezuela called Valencia, which is located in Carabobo. This is where he was really able to get closer to Latin American contemporary and folkloric genres which then opened doors to play for great Venezuelan artists such as: Jorge Luis Chacin, Nelson Arrieta, Alexander Álvarez, Jesús Alberto Ochoa (ex adolescente group member) and others. In 2016 he was presented with the opportunity to move to the United States, a move that jump started his successful career as a professional percussionist. While living in the United States, his talent has made his name a sensation and allowed him to play with various international artists and groups in the US, such as: Prince Royce , MV Caldera, Cardenales del Éxito, Gaiteros de Pillopo, Nelson Arrieta, Elba Escobar, Jorge Crocro Orta (ex percusionista of musical grupo named Niche), Desorden Público, Andrea Valles, German Avila, Nano Silva, Silverio Lozano, Faviola Colmenares and joined Ha-Ash during a live televised show called Un Nuevo Día transmitted by Telemundo Houston. After his career took off in the United States, he has since paved his own way and made it to Billboard Magazine in which artists like Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho) have had the opportunity to be showcased. Other performances and shows he has been part of include Miss Venezuela Houston while artist Andrea Valles joined him on stage. His career continues to thrive and keeps moving on up each step he takes.

Currently, he is an Artist Endorser for two prestigious brands known as RegalTip and SoulTone Cymbals. He is directing a project called Percussion Community with the purpose of showcasing talented new musicians like himself around the world and is also in the process of introducing his first and new percussion line which will take the name after his project, Percussion Community.

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