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Jirka Goldschmied

Jirka Goldschmied

Jirka was born in 1980 in the Czech Republic, in the small town of Rokycany (18 km from Pilsen, where the world´s best beer Pilsner Urquell is brewed). His grandfather was a passionate musician and when Jirka was four, he recruited him to music school. Jirka studied flute and later cello and song, but quit the school when he was 14. One year later, he bought his first drum set and set up a punk rock band to fulfill his dream of becoming a drummer. In 2002 he was recruited to the local metal-core band Bed Sores. During 2004 and 2005, Bed Sores were touring throughout the country and participated in all significant rock and metal festivals. In 2005, Jirka quit the band and moved to Spain and later to Sweden.

In 2010, Jirka became the drummer of SUPERSALE, a well established coverband in Malmö, southern Sweden. It was a big change in drumming, since Jirka had to switch from metal-hardcore to pop and rock style of playing. SUPERSALE play covers of famous Swedish and international artists, as well as own songs.

“I was looking for ‘the perfect cymbals’ for some time and hesitating to buy the most expensive lines since they just did not fulfill my expectations of how my cymbals should sound. When I explored Soultone, I knew my frustration will be over soon. The Custom Brilliant series have the brightness and the crisp I look for. They cut through so well without washing out other frequencies. All the members in the band were just blown away of how the cymbals improved the overall sound of our music. Moreover, the friendly service of the company and the artist support based on the endorsement opportunities makes Soultone a ‘dream come true’ for every drummer seeking for cymbals with great musicality and soul.“