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Jim Horvath

Jim Horvath

The Barbeardians, Ben Borrill, Lauriefish, Mango Kamikaze, The Daisies, The Schnitzelkids,

Having a father who played drums meant he’d grew up with playing loads and loads of drums from an early age. During highschool he became obsessed with drums and started playing in any band he could. From jazz, rock, to drum n bass and experimental metal music.
After getting a degree in audio engineering his musical career started taking off with doing lots of recordings as a session musician in the studio. With the band lauriefish came his first major EP and music video, followed soon with the creation of The barbeardians.
After two tours, multiple shows including being on Dutch national television, a killer EP and the hit song “Beer is love, The Barbeardians took on a hiatus and Jim went on to work as a live audio engineer.
With the small break over, he started his own Naked Studio’s and came out swinging with new music and projects. He is currently working with UK artist Ben Borrill, Dutch kids’ radioplay rock group The Daisies, a session drummer for The Schnitzelkids and with more projects in the making.
“I came into contact with Soultone through a mutual friend and just absolutely loved the way they approached cymbals. I knew I had something special in my hands when I got to try out the 21” JG ride in a rehearsal for a show at the Tivoli Utrecht, and the band demanded that I take the cymbal to the show otherwise they’d find another drummer. That says it all about how great they are!
So about my cymbals, I love playing playing bigger cymbals with high clarity and I like the smaller stacks. I kinda have a weird flow from how I place my cymbals. They go from high sounding from left to lower sounding on the right, so I can play drums on a more musical way. And since I’m ambidextrous I want to be able to play the same parts with both my left and right sides. “

The pictures are made by Luna Petilli and Remco van der Kruis

My Soultone Set: 

My Cymbals are (left to right):
17” Brilliant china
18” custom crash
14” sunburst vintage hihat
10” custom brilliant splash
10” custom brilliant mini china
16” FXO crash
21” JG ride
18” custom brilliant crash
19”FXO china


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