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Jim Agrippe

Jim Agrippe

Born August 24, 1988, Jim Agrippe, began his music career at the age of nine, when he was given his first drum kit for Christmas. Jim continued to practice and play throughout his teenage years, playing along with cd's of other bands he loved at the time. (Slipknot, Mudvayne, System of a Down etc) Jim entered himself into the Guitar Center Drumoff, twice at the ages of eleven, and twelve at his local Guitar Center store.

In the summer of 2001, Jim, at the age of fourteen, went on to start (now disbanded) Cleveland metal/deathcore band “Salt The Wound”, as the band's original drummer, and founding member. Later on in the bands career, Jim did several regional tours with the band, and played/wrote all of the drums on two of the band's independently released EP's entitled; “Its Too Long” released in 2004, and, “Bedsprings and Bloodshed” released in 2005. Jim toured regionally in support of both EP's.

In March of 2006, Jim stepped down from his drumming position on his own terms to pursue a different career in the music industry. While seeing many members come and go after Jim's departure, the band was signed to Rotten Records, and released two full-length albums before announcing in October of 2009 that they were “hanging up the towel”. The band is now no longer exists, but will always be remembered as a part of Cleveland's music scene.

Shortly after his departure from Salt The Wound, Jim went on to start his own recording studio; “Twin Turbo Studios”, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Jim graduated with honors from “The Recording Workshop School of Audio & Music Production” in June of 2008. Since graduating in 2008, Jim has been running the studio full time, and has worked with many local and national artists, most notably; gospel artist “John Stevens” of Cleveland, OH, rap group; Arrogant Empire of Baltimore, MD, and rapper duo “Sleep & Tone Hayrod” both of Cleveland, OH (to name a few). Jim's mixing work with “Arrogant Empire” has been getting some nice attention lately. Their song “Hi I'm High” will be premiering on MTV later in 2010.

Aside from recording other artists, Jim also produces hip hop, pop, and R&B beats, and is actively working along side many artists through producing these beats/instrumentals, both locally and nationally. Jim uses his many acquired skills on his beats, including live drums, guitars, keyboards, and samplers to name a few. Jim also does freelance live performance, and studio drumming work for hire on many occasions, and for all styles of music.

Jim is readily available for any kind of musical work. Whether it be mixing and engineering, drumming, music production, or beat production, Jim is always ready to step up to the plate, and get the job done. For more info on Jim, and Twin Turbo Studios, visit www.twinturbostudios.com

Jim joined the Soultone Cymbals family in July of 2010, and could not be happier with his new set of cymbals. Jim is sporting Soultone's coveted “gospel” series cymbals.

“The quality that this company puts into their product is astounding. The musical sound that these cymbals produce is purely amazing. I've played many other manufacturers cymbals before, but these are by far my favorite. I am very happy and proud to call myself a Soultone Cymbals artist, and would recommend these cymbals to any drummer who values having a great sound” - Jim Agrippe