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Jessica Frizzell

Jessica Frizzell


Name: Jessica Frizzell
Age: 24
Years of Experience: 9 years
Current Band: ILIA

Influences: Lori Peters, Matt Greiner, Neil Peart, Aaron Gillespie, Nate Young, Thomas Lang, Riley Breckenridge

Drumming Experience:
My name is Jessica Frizzell and I have been playing drums for 9 years. I got my start by playing drums in my youth worship band, which evolved into the band I am in today. After a year of playing, I graduated high school and attended Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. There I majored in Modern Music Ministry with an emphasis in Percussion. That year I was challenged to grow in my drumming in many ways. It was then that I learned the fundamentals of drumming. I also got a chance to learn about and grow in every genre, from blues, jazz, and funk to punk and hard rock. Since graduating in 2006, I have been touring full time. This is my job and what I love to do. It’s been a journey and I still have a lot to learn. Always looking forward to what is ahead.

Twitter: @jessfrizzell

Twitter: @iliamusic