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Jesse Morales

Jesse has been playing drums since he was 10 years old and began playing professionally at the age of 21 years old in 1991. He has been playing professionally for 22 years. Through out his music career Jesse has played a variety of styles anywhere from, hardcore Industrial, Speed Metal, hard rock, pop, alternative, hip hip, rap-core, blue grass, R&B, funk, gospel, reggae, and worship.

Playing percussion is also a favorite for Jesse. When playing percussion one is given the opportunity to really think out side of the box, by coming up with different set up configurations and techniques that will help bring the music to another level including harmony between every instrument. As the saying "Less is More" goes, that's the beauty of playing percussion by keeping everything simple and yet tasteful.

Jesse is a five time award winning Christian Recording Artist/Drummer, three of those awards are with the Gospel Music Association (GMA) in Nashville TN. the other two are with The Peoples Choice awards. He has recorded six EP's, and five albums, three top ten singles in the Christian Music Rock Charts and has been featured on nine Compilation albums. He has toured the U.S. and many countries, been on many Television programs both mainstream and Christian, appeared on countless radio interviews, music videos, music magazines both mainstream and Christian for example, The Alternative Press (AP), and Heavens Metals. Jesse endorses SCAR Clothing and LOVE WATER (both the organization and their clothing line)

He was also teaching drums for a season teaching students how to read drum music, dynamics, technique, rudiments, performance styles (playing in ways that connect with the audience), when playing live, when recording, educating them on the music industry, being a hired gun, marketing yourself/branding and etc.

Jesse is always growing as a musician and drummer. He's always looking at how to stick out by coming up with new ways new techniques new styles of playing and having his own identity not only as a musician, but as an individual. Most importantly, Jesse knows his gifts and talents were given to him by God and desires to use his talents by giving God all of the glory. Drums are important to Jesse, but his relationship with God, his wife and daughter are the most important in his life.

My Soultone Set: 

12" Gospel Hi Hat
19" Gospel Ride
17" Gospel Crash
10" FXO 5