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Jesse Kurail

Jesse Kurail, born in Brooklyn, New York first picked up drum sticks at the age of 12 when his Father (also a Drummer) surprised him with his first drum kit. Mixing his love for drums and Metal Music at a young age caused him to form bands such as Spill my Blood, No Altars as well as recording drums for countless other projects. Focusing heavily on Death Metal, the band he formally played in No Altars went on to tour across the U.S. as well as a Tour in Europe. After signing a deal with Beatdown Hardware Rec. (BDHW) he went on to play for the band for almost 8 years after leaving and deciding to move on as a solo artist. His focus now is putting out drum covers and other content on Social Media but the possibility of another band is fairly high.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Explosion Hi Hat Pair
18" Explosion Crash
18" Explosion China
20" Explosion Mega Bell Ride

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