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Jesse Figueroa

Jesse Figueroa

It all started when I was a little kid, my mom would be a big influence on me discovering music at such a young age. I would always enjoy when she would play her favorite bands she liked on the TV or even play them on the radio. She even bought me a toy piano and Tom just so I can make noise with it and tap to the beat.

As I got older and the years passed by, at the age of 12 I discovered the drums. Although I didn’t have a drum set of my own, that didn’t stop me from air drumming all the time to my favorite bands at the time, trying to follow the music, hitting pillows and pans with sticks until I was told to stop cause I was making too much noise, in fact I air drummed for sometime until I saved up to get my own drum set at 17 years old. I’ll never forget the day when my friend introduced me to metal, he had me listen to Slayer Reign in Blood Album and to his Metallica And justice for all live album, and i was instantly hooked! I was air drumming even more at this point now discovering metal and a bunch of awesome metal bands, and seeing the musicians behind the drums perform in videos, I wanted to be just like them.

In high school, at age 16 my music teacher Mr.Kupka, opened the doors of the jazz world and other styles of music to me, and also learning about rudiments, and so much more. During this time I also got more into death metal and how similar it was to jazz to me, both being major influences to my playing to this day. When I was home, I would be locked in my room for hours just practicing, and the only time I would get to use the drums would be during music class. Once I got my own drum set tho, I would be nonstop on the drums for hours when I would come home from school! I just wanted to keep pushing myself to be like the drummers I looked up to.

Throughout my youth, I’ve had the chance to perform alongside awesome bands and play a bunch of shows, wether they be backyard shows to major shows too. At 22 years old, I met Carlos Arechiga, who is the vocalist for the band, would invite me to jam out with him at his home and from there, the beginnings of Gorearorium would begin to surface. Many many shows and years later, playing alongside epic bands and major bands in the metal scene, it just keeps getting more and more fun!

CD work: Goreatorium - Homicidal Ideation

Current set up: DWDrums Design Series 8’,10’,12, toms, 16’ Floor, 16’ Snare, 22’ Kick

Hardware: DW 9000 series hardware, MDD direct drive pedals and hi hat

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme Series:
20’ Ride,
16’-17’ Crash,
18’ China,
13’ Hi-Hat,
13’ Wave Hi-Hat