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Jerry Tee Live Percussionist; One of the most charming and professional musicians in the business, a musical ambassador, never losing sight of his passion – playing music, breaking tunes, celebrating life, and always bringing new concept ideas into the music world!

Jerry Tee, known by his stage was name born on April 27th in Australia, he began playing drums and percussion at the age of 8 years old. At such an early age, Jerry’s love and passion for music came to surface, he would lock himself in the households garage every single day for hours on end with headphones, a cassette player, tins of paint that he used as drums, and screwdrivers that he used as drum sticks; while playing along to many recordings.

At age 13 Jerry joined his fathers reputable and well-known local band Akropolis Live as the drummer performing in nightclubs, festivals and private events until the early hours of the morning.

Throughout Jerry’s early beginnings into the musical world, Jerry studied drums at John Reynolds School Of Music for several years where he learnt to read and write “drum music”.

By age 15 Jerry was well known in the community as the youngest hardest working musician at the time, he was selected to perform with one of Greece’s high ranking female vocalists – Glykeria; in front of an audience of thousands at a music festival.

17 years old, and Jerry was still performing with his father’s band Akropolis Live, and also alongside some of Australia and Greece’s iconic legend artists from within the music industry.

Fast forward; Jerry created a genius concept of a monthly Greek Night in his hometown, he named the event Magazi Baraki (meaning Bar), he would hand-select DJ’s, vocalists and live instruments from across Australia to accompany him on stage while he played percussion. This monthly event was a smashing success, crowds of people would attend from all over Australia to visit and experience Jerry’s vision of an outdoor summer nights Ibiza inspired venue dancing under the stars with mixed genres of music – which was never done before in Australia!

Jerry has regularly appeared and interviewed on well-known television and radio stations, and also performing on various studio recordings that were sold worldwide.

Jerry’s passion and vision grew even stronger, setting the benchmark creating a revolution with his vibrant, energetic performances, a sight to sound audiovisual LED instrument display, alongside his iconic custom made tiger print instruments, and let’s not forget his gold bongos!

Never limiting himself to one genre of music, Jerry’s playing style and ability are incredibly flexible with ease; he performs Deep House, Electro, RnB, Latin, Arabic, and his roots – Greek.

He has extensively performed across Australia’s exclusive venues and music festivals as the main “Headliner Act”, working alongside premium entertainment agencies, artists, and even musicians WORLDWIDE!

The list of artists Jerry has supported on stage is huge, some of them are: Nick Skitz - The Godfather of NRG, DJ Valentino - Greece’s #1 DJ / Producer, Matt Abstrax - Asia, DJ Justice - Australia, Lauren Neko - Australia, Glykeria - Greece, and Mobin Master - “Show Me Love”.

Jerry is an Official Endorsed Artist for the world’s strongest brands in the music industry.
Soultone Cymbals (Los Angeles - USA), London Drumstick Co (London - UK), LP (California - USA), D’Addario (Victoria - Australia), Remo (California - USA) and Cympad Internarional (Brugg - Switzerland).

Jerry has his very own Signature Range of Cymbals and Drumsticks which have his iconic Tiger logo etched on them!

Jerry’s vibe and passion on stage is purely unmatched; not only does he perform with his heart and soul, he inevitably gets the crowd involved!

He is also a “Ghost Percussionist” for some of the worlds BIGGEST record labels, it’s always party time wherever Jerry Tee is performing live!

Jerry Tee is available for; Music festivals, Nightclub events and Corporate events.

Message from Jerry Tee: It’s such an honour for me to represent Soultone Cymbals as an endorsed artist, I absolutely love the sound of them, they cut through the music when I need them to while I’m on stage. I’m excited for what the future brings with Soultone. There’s a lot of exciting announcements coming up, stay tuned!

Equipment Configuration:

* LP Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Gold Sparkle Bongos
* LP Generation III Trio Bongos
* 11” LP Raul Rekow Signature Series Tiger Print Quinto
* 11.75” LP Raul Rekow Signature Series Tiger Print Conga
* 8” Tama Steel Mini Tymp
* 10” Tama Steel Mini Tymp
* 10” x 11” Pearl Championship Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Gold Sparkle Tenor
* 12” x 12” Pearl Championship Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Gold Sparkle Tenor
* 13” x 12” Pearl Championship Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Gold Sparkle Tenor
* 14” x 13” Pearl Championship Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Gold Sparkle Tenor
* 6” x 10” Acrylic Octoban
* 6” x 12” Acrylic Octoban
* Acrylic / LED Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Darbuka
* Tiger Print Custom Made Jerry Tee Signature Series Darbuka
* Roland Octapad SPD30
* Roland SPDSX-SE
* Roland HPD-20 Handsonic

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My Soultone Set: 

Jerry Tee Signature Series

10” FXO 5 Splash

10” Extreme FXO 5 Splash

12” FXO 6 Splash

12” Natural FXO 6 Splash

16” FXO B6 Effect Crash