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Hi I am Jeremy Rupp!  I am a native of Tucson Arizona where I currently reside.  I started playing drums in church while also playing in punk rock and metal genre's as youth.Since then I've played in various rock, post-core, punk bands. In 2004 I became the proud owner of a custom Orange County Drum and Percussion (OCDP) which spawned my taste for new and upcoming drum products that were known for their unique qualities. To this day I am still drawn to products like Soultone for their distinction and one-of-a-kind sounds in the cymbal market.  Since then, I've switched to a DW Collectors series kit and exclusively play DW products. In recent years I've found a lot of satisfaction creating YouTube cover videos and found it be more demanding to play in front of a camera.  I thoroughly enjoy it!  My personal philosophy as a drummer is to first, be as good as you can be at your craft and second; to never "arrive" at your journey towards creativity.  I am highly inspired by drummers such as Luke Holland, Matt McGuire, Aric Improta and Travis Barker. Please check out my social media and YouTube channel here: YouTube:  IG: jeremy_xerxes

My Soultone Set: 

19" Custom Brilliant Crash
13" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Pair
10" Gospel China stacked on a 16" FXO B6
14" Explosion Hi Hat Pair
20" Natural Crash Ride
20" Explosion Inverted Bell China
17" FXO 12
10" Extreme Splash


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