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Jeremy Lowery

Jeremy Lowery

Jeremy Lowery – drums

Hometown: Camilla , GA

Chasing Victory is a rock band hailing from Camilla , GA. The band released their latest record, “I Call This Abandonment”, in late ’05 on Nashville-based label Mono Vs Stereo. Since then, the band has toured the nation in support of the record, with bands such as Sullivan, Kids In The Way, Project 86, and Classic Case. Chasing Victory’s drummer, Jeremy Lowery, has been playing since the ripe old age of 8. His influences range anywhere from The Deftones to Dire Straits. He currently plays Creation Drums ( and LOVES his new Soultone Cymbals.

See Chasing Victory on tour this Spring/Summer! Coming to your city with Fight Paris, Flee the Seen and Odd Project.