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The Idiot Flesh, The Slow Death of Gaia

I live in Maine USA, and I hit things with sticks. The last bit is something I say often when asked what kind of instrument I play or how I play a particular drum groove (lol). My journey of being a musician didn’t start with playing drums though, it started with playing bass guitar in 2005, and my interest in bass guitar didn’t last very long once I learned hitting drums is tremendously more fun (no offense to you bassists out there ;} ).
I started getting a grasp with playing drums by 2006 when my interest began to become primarily focused in Technical Death Metal, and although I have 14 years of self-taught playing experience I didn’t know what direction or ‘style’ of drumming I wanted to aim for until mid-way through 2019.
My primary genre(s) of interest is Grind/Math/Tech/Death Metal – specifically anything within the area of fast paced technical playing involving polyrhythms, intricate time signatures, split second changes in tempo, and blast beats (I love blast beats!). I’m continuously open to learning anything new, thrive on expanding and tightening techniques I utilize, and constantly trying to better myself as a player both mentally and physically. I’m also a Soultone Cymbals Artist and strongly believe being a Collision Drumsticks Artist as well will create an amazing experience of collaboration between the two growing communities that I’ll always be eternally grateful for.

In 2006-2007 I played for the Brutal Death Metal project PUTRESCINE and the Grunge-Core project Catharsis, then created the Tech-DeathGrind project Taxicab Dismemberment (TCDM) in May of 2008, which is still active. Between 2016 and 2018 I started playing within various Metal bands then created the Deathcore band Where They Hide in July 2018 which continued until September 2020.

Within Taxicab Dismemberment I've been fortunate enough to play stadium and venue stages, bars, VFWs, basements, living rooms, and outside decks within New England with dozens of bands Local and National, opened for the 2010 Summer Slaughter Tour at The Palladium in Worcester MA, released a LP ‘Like Surgeons, Not Mechanics’, and an EP ‘2012 – 2013 Demo’.
While in Where They Hide I was privileged to play many scene driven and DIY shows within basements, VFWs, and fests within New England, and often at The Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH and Geno’s Rock Club in Portland, ME. Where They Hide released a demo called ‘Back To Business’ in September of 2019 and a single 'WAF' within August 2020.
All music for both bands can be found on Facebook, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

October 2020 was the official start of my career in being an active session drummer for artists and projects local to and outside of New England within various genres, I've joined the Avant-garde Metal/DeathGrind project The Idiot Flesh and a Deathcore/Grindcore project The Slow Death of Gaia.

Band Links:

The Idiot Flesh

The Slow Death of Gaia
Instagram: @theslowdeathofgaia

Taxicab Dismemberment
Instagram: @taxicabdismemberment

My Soultone Set: 

20" Abby Ride
16" Abby Crash
18" Abby Crash
14" Abby Hi Hat Pair