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Jeff Gilbert is and independent Drummer/Percussionist currently hailing from the
Greater Atlanta Area. Born and raised outside Baltimore, Maryland, he took an instant
fascination to drums at age of 6. His Grand Father, Joe Minacapelli, played guitar with
Minni’s Men, and recorded several 78’s in the 50’s and 60’s. Grandpa tried to teach him
guitar, but Jeff had it in his head that banging on the drums was ‘Very Cool’.

Jeff played around the Baltimore Area from 1977 until 1982 when he moved to New
Orleans. He had the pleasure of jamming with the Neville Brothers band one night, and
that led to playing around the Metro N. O. area for the next 6 years. After moving
to Atlanta, Jeff played with some ‘highly talented local musicians, including Bassists
Gary Hunnicutt, Joe “Quick Finger” Odom, Brantley Smith, Gerald Castillo…Guitarists
Chris Cannon, Tim McGovern, Joe Rabold, Allen Colom…and Vocalists Brooks Hunnicutt,
And Jeani Wampler! Recorded many songs with ‘Hangoverture’, and the CD, “In Ten
City” with ‘Shakespeare’s Last Tragedy’ featuring Chris Cannon and Brantley Smith.

Jeff Decided to team with Soultone for his Cymbals of Choice after hearing their
outstanding line up of Hand Made Turkish creations, and because of the many
benefits the Company offers Its Artists. It was a Win Win situation!

Currently, he splits his time between studio recording, appearing at local venues with
local bands, recording Christmas CDs, being a Brand Advocate for the Companies He
endorses, helping Chip Ritter as part of #Teamritter, and helping those less fortunate
make their drumming dreams come true!

My Soultone Set: 

14" Vintage China
14" Vintage Hi Hat Pair
18" Vintage Crash
19" Vintage Crash
22" Vintage Ride