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Started playing at age 5. Won high school competitions as a solo percussionist, went on to perform in many bands throughout the US. Have been with my band Driven for 7 years .

Jeff brings to Driven the perfect “thunder and pocket” most cover bands only dream of having. His groove and chops are second to none, and with an incredible singing voice that adds variety to Driven’s already versatile song list.
At the age of 14 Jeffrey started performing in bands and went on to perform in all the high school marching and jazz bands including competing in several State competitions.
When he's not pounding the skins, Jeffery is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in the medical field.
With the power of his drumming and vocals, Jeffery rounds out the perfect trio that makes Driven one of the most sought after cover bands in Southern California.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Explosion Hi-Hats
17" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash
10" Gospel Splash
20" Explosion Crash
19" Latin Crash w/sunburst

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