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Jay Sommerville

Jay Sommerville

Fortune Favours The Brave

Jay Sommerville (Born 4th August 2000); Is a British drummer for the band Fortune Favours The Brave based out of Devon.

Jay started playing drums at 12 when his music teacher first showed him how to do a basic 8 beat on the drum kit in school and has been trying to best himself day to day ever since.

Joining a few school bands in secondary school, he eventually found a serious band in college called Malmenor, which he was with for around 2-3 years and also recorded a few songs in the first parts of University. After the bands eventual break up due to band members moving away, Jay included to go to University; He ended up in Fortune Favours The Brave and also Minor Offences in the space of a week, quickly building up a reputation in both bands in being a drummer that incorporates simple, punchy drums and also very intricate double bass metal patterns when needed. However due to personal reasons. He has left Minor Offences in early October 2019. He also does session work for friends from time to time and helps record demo tracks for singles.

Recently Jay has been getting into session drumming on the side when he is not gigging or practicing with Fortune Favours The Brave and is building a reputation for being a session drummer around the Plymouth music scene. Session recording is also a thing that he does for people who need them; However he doesn't do it often.

Musical influences are Westfield Massacre, Daysend, Killswitch Engage, Oceans Ate Alaska, Avenged Sevenfold, Periphery and Parkway Drive

As of today Fortune Favours The Brave are regularly gigging around the South West of the UK and have potential to spread across Britain with the blend of Heavy Metalcore riffs and anthemic bridges that will leave you wanting more and more.
In June, Soultone reached out to him and as of October 25th 2019; Has been a proud endorsor.

Social Media Links:

https://www.instagram.com/jay_drummer_fftb - Personal account for drums
https://www.facebook.com/fortunefavoursthebrave/ - Fortune Favours The Brave Facebook page

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14" Custom Crash
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