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Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez

BLOOD SPELL/ Make Your Mark

Javi started playing drums as a kid in Iowa. He would spend hours in his room listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and all of the heavy legends of the 70's. It was drummers like Bill Ward, Ian Paice and the almighty John Bonham that made him fall in love with drums and are the foundation of his playing. After drumming in a few bands in high school and serving 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps afterwards he moved to Des Moines, IA and fully immersed himself in the city's music scene. He was asked to help start an Oi/street punk band called Make Your Mark and has had some success with a couple records and getting signed to a small label out of Los Angeles, CA called Crowd Control Media. After a few years of playing punk he recently started a heavy doom metal band called Blood Spell and has gotten back to his love of Black Sabbath/doom metal and heavy influenced music. Playing in both bands has given him opportunity to see two completely different and amazing music scenes and no matter where or when he plays just ripping with his friends, acting like a maniac behind his kit and going to shows will forever be enough.

"Thank you to my lovely fiancé and my 3 beautiful kids for supporting me and having my back and thanks to Soultone Cymbals for giving me the opportunity and letting me be a part of the family." - J. Rodriguez


My Soultone Set: 

19" Natural Crash
20" Natural Crash
17" Natural Crash
21" Custom Brilliant Crash/Ride