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Jasper Smit

Jasper Smit

Jasper Smit is a drummer based in Amsterdam area, the Netherlands.

As a kid he used to drum on every object he encountered and soon his parents realized drumming was his future. Jasper was brought up with rock music and that influenced his choice to play metal in later life.

Jasper developed his techniques and sound by continuously playing in bands and taking lessons with different teachers specialized in different styles of music.

Also, playing different kinds of music has broadened his creative abilities and perspective on his music.

Over the years Jasper played in several Metal bands and contributed to a few projects playing Pop music. Currently he is touring with his Metal band Illucinoma and he’s exploring Latin music.

Jasper style of playing is all about precision, groove and a powerful stroke.

Jasper like’s his sound powerful, explosive and colourful, that’s why he chose Soultone Cymbals.