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Jason Stander

Jason Stander

Independent, Micah Scott Project, Josh Miles and the Sweet Somethings, Todd Clouser/Jason Stander Duo

The journey into music mirrors the journey through life in a way that has always captured Jason's spirit and imagination. While performing you get a sense that he is exploring with child like curiosity... thoughts of happiness, love, and empathy. This ability to convey emotions through the craft of drumming make his playing and approach both fearless and boundary pushing. That fearlessness has led him to national acclaim in the creative jazz, soul, and funk realms of the music industry. Stander's still young career has brought him through many demanding situations, all of them shaping and forging his talent along the way. Working with Todd Clouser, Worldwide Zoo, No End of Now, Green Sunshine, and Public Sounds Collective we have seen a drummer that nods toward tradition, listens for the future, and PLAYS FOR THE NOW! Every moment an opportunity to connect through the art of drumming.

"off beat attitude weaves it's way into old school groove" _Lagniappe News - Mobile, AL

"Capable of going in several different directions at once, all the while digging a groove a mile deep" _Tampa Tribune - Tampa, Fl

"Jason Stander keeps the steady jazzy-airy rhythms" _Creative Loafing -Tampa,Fl

"Steady Groove"_Creative Loafing

"Jason's playing style is very unique... very jazzy, fusion, funk kind of playing... it's fun" _Drummerconnection.com

"Effortlessly improvise" _ Lagniappe Magazine - Mobile, Al

Born in Cleveland, Oh in 1976, he was seasoned to love great music by his father George and mother Emilcie. Not only was George a drummer himself, which exposed Jason to the sounds of the drum set early, both he and Emilcie listened to records regularly as well. Jason would remain in Cleveland for the next 20 years with a 10 month long stay in Puerto Rico with his grandmother. This stay on the island introduced him to the infectious latin grooves he would incorporate in drumming later in life. While he did not start dabbling with the drums till 17, by 18 Jason was playing in local bands at house parties and in the basement of bookstores. His last few months in town would include sessions at Wilbert's Bar and Grill with Blues legend Robert Lockwood Jr.

Jason moved to Tampa in 1998 and began his involvement with the music scene almost immediately, playing with talent such as Damon Fowler, Stan Hunter, John Lamb. and Otis Day. He has shared bills with nationals including George Porter Jr., Earth Wind and Fire , Galactic, Medeski Martin and Wood, Big Sam's Funky Nation, and Perpetual Groove. Jason has played multiple major music festivals(Bayfest - Mobile Al, Essence Fest - New Orleans La, Bear Creek - FL) and worked with Billy Martin(Mediski, Martin, and Wood) Worldwide Zoo, A Love Electric, Green Sunshine, and No End of Now. He has studied with Billy and received a scholarship to attend Camp MMW in 2012. You'll always find Jason attending and hosting local open jams, educating drummers, and repairing/modifying drums and cymbals. He has been featured frequently on DrummerConnection.com and is currently endorsing Cyclone Drums, Gator Cases, Soultone Cymbals, and Tru Tuner._

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