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Jason Bowden

Jason Bowden

Jason was born with his passion for drumming on June 22, 1989. Music has run in his family all the way past Great, Great Grandparents. Starting off like most other drummers playing on the family's pots and pans in the kitchen, Jason progressed to getting a small junior drumset that was quickly out grown and beat up from playing so much.

He recieved his first "real" drumset Christmas of 2001. This was the start of his drumming career. He spent hours and hours playing and practicing along with the radio and CD player. He was involved in the middle school band program which started his knowledge of different syles and cultures of drums and music in general.

He began playing at local churches all over his home town and quickly became the "town drummer". Still continuing in the band program, Jason played the Sextets (tenors) in his high school marching band. He then joined his first band which played a couple shows around town throughout a couple months. Eventually going through different bands to find exactly what he wanted, Jason started a band called Confined To The Shadows. This is his current and most important project.

Jason is currently endorsed by Shine Custom Drums and Percussion, Soultone Cymbals, and Grindstix Drumsticks. He is still playing drums for his church every Sunday and whenever else they have a performace. If he's not with his band or at church you will find him at work where he teaches drum lessons for a living. Everything that revolves around Jason is drum related. Drums are his life and what he wants to pursue, and he will take every step along the way to reach those goals.