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Jason Barrett

Jason Barrett


Jason Barrett
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Crush Drums Sublime AXM vintage sunburst
Soultone Abby Cymbals 14” hi-hats, 16/18 crash cymbals, 20”ride
Soultone Extreme 14” hi-hats
Soultone Custom Brilliant RA 12” China
Soultone Custom Brilliant RA 17” China
Soultone 19” Octagon Crash
Scorpion Percussion 5A drumsticks ( Signature Artist)

I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a
musician. I just didn’t know at such a young age
where I wanted it to take me. At the age of 11, I
decided to sign up for band class in my middle
school and learn how to play percussion. I quickly
knew that was the path I was meant to take. By the
end of my 6th grade year, I signed up for High School
marching band and was on the field that summer.
Fast forward a few years and me and a couple of
friends decided to start a grunge band. Right out of
high school with the help of a local radio DJ, our
band was sharing the stage with bands such as
Creed, Fuel, Edwin McCain, and even LA Guns.
After a few years, members started stepping down to
pursue college and their future careers, so I joined an
industrial metal band. We had a lot of fun and
played a few shows, but that’s as far as it went.
Fast forward about 18 years (ya know, cause family
and kids happen), I decided I wanted to pursue my
dreams in music again. ( Here’s where SOULTONE
comes into the picture). I’m the type of person that
if I find something that works for me, why fix what’s
not broken? I’ve been happy with most of the drum
kits I’ve owned. But there has always been
something that has been missing when it came to the
quality of my cymbals. I have tried many of the
other manufacturers, but never really found what it
was that was missing. UNTIL I stumbled upon
Soultone. I started playing drums for DRØWNED
ØUT. The guys told me how great the cymbals were
that their former drummer was using, so I decided
to see what Soultone was all about. And I knew the
first time I sat down on my drum throne after
receiving my Soultone Abby cymbal pack, that I
finally figured out what I was missing. These
cymbals are unmatched when it comes to the quality
of work that was put into them. They’re crisp,
vibrant sound is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
There is no turning back. After hearing these
cymbals, I immediately ordered a 17” Custom
Brilliant RA China cymbal to compliment my Abby
pack. I look forward to adding more Soultone
cymbals to my kit as I find different uses for them in
our songs. I am proud to now be a member of the
Soultone family!!

My Soultone Set: 

Abby Pack Cymbals
14” hi-hats
16" Crash
18" Crash
20” Ride
14” Extreme hi-hats
19” Octagon Crash
Brilliant RA 12” China
Brilliant RA 17” China