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Jasen Vierra

Jasen Vierra

Born October 9th 1989 and raised in the small California town known as Oakdale, Jasen Vierra developed a passion for drumming when in 1998 he first seen Korn’s “Got the Life” music video on MTV at the age of of 9. First set he ever played was a Sonor kit, he is a self taught drummer, and is the drummer for the Sacramento based metal band MethodOne . Jasen also can sing, somewhat play electric and bass guitar, and he comes from a family of musicians. All 4 of his brothers have musical talent as well, and his grandfather on his mother’s side was in a band in the late 50s.
Some of Jasen’s biggest inspirations for drumming are David Silveria, Vinnie Paul(RIP) and Chris Adler.

Instagram is: jasenv_v
Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/jasen.vierra.77
Band Facebook is:https://www.facebook.com/MethodOne-421293131956647/
Band instagram is: officialmethodone
Band YouTube is: methodoneofficial

My Soultone Set: 

14” Abby High-Hat
16” Abby Crash
20” Abby Ride