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Jarvis Oliver

Jarvis Oliver

Since the shin high age of 3 Jarvis Oliver’s heart has been both rhythmically and passionately connected with music. Initially, this adventure included only pots, pans, and spatulas which were sponsored by his mother Ms. Christina Oliver. Unlike the drum prodigy stories of Tony Royster Jr. and Thomas Pridgen, Jarvis did not grace the stage @ an earlier age with musical greats like Dennis Chambers and Stanley Clarke. Instead he spent his child hood watching and listening to drummers like Carlos Rogers; who was the lead drummer @ New Dimensions Church of God In Christ back in the late 90’s. Before he knew their names, drummers and bass players such as Marvin Mcquitty (Shirley Caesar) and Eric Brice (Fred Hammond) graced his ears fir many years; Until finally around the age of 10 Jarvis decided to compete in a talent show @ New Dimensions Church of God In Christ (Raleigh Millington TN) where he won first place and enough money to buy his own Christmas toys for that year!

Throughout high school Jarvis continually felt the urge to join the high school band @ Hamilton High School (Memphis Tennessee), however he chose to play football instead. It is during the next four years where he learned the price of not following your heart as it relates to true interest and positive passions in life. However, inspiration and talent was not far from his viewing; Memphis native Christopher Bounds graced the stage on multiple occasions during various six week periods of school for the purpose of supporting the high school choir; Again, still viewing and still listening! Fast forward to a few drum lessons with Memphis native James Sexton and a decision to join the active duty component of the U.S. Army, and you’ll land right on the corner of destiny central and love avenue. During his three years of active duty service in the U.S. Army Jarvis got a chance to help open and celebrate with multiple Nigerian church leaders and congregation and find a find a beautiful wife; Boy do they love to praise!
Fast-forward to about 3 years off of the kit and you’ll land at the Agape Christian Fellowship Church located in Lakewood, WA, where Jarvis is proud and thankful to call Pastor Aaron Jackson and First Lady/Elder Stacy Jackson his spiritual teachers/guiders. After only a few weeks of attending Agape Jarvis decided to become a member. A few weeks later he was appointed as the head drummer for the Agape Christian Fellowship praise team. Fast forward to a scholarship to Drummers Collective NYC (March 2015), the successful cut of his first album recorded live @ Triple Door Seattle with Charles Mack (Tacoma, WA)(July 2014), an endorsement offer from Soultone Cymbals, and education investment award from Chuck and Lisa Surak (owners of Sweetwater private music co.), It should be easy to see why Jarvis is looking forward to blessing the world with both anointed and creative beats and compositions for the years to come. Jarvis is currently the drummer for Kim Archer (kimarcherband.com) (Tacoma WA).

My Soultone Set: 

22.5" Vintage Old School Patina Crash/Ride
22" Latin Crash / Ride
21" Latin Crash
21" Extreme Crash
18" Latin China
08" Latin Splash
13" Latin Hi Hat Pair

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