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Jarred Gandel

Jarred Gandel

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Jarred Gandel (born May 5th, 1993) was brought into this world to play the drums. At least that's what he likes to think, but with no desire to do anything else but play the drums for a living, it’s easy to understand his confidence. Jarred started out with the piano early in his life, but quickly moved to percussion when he first played the drums in the video game “Rock Band.” After spending embarrassing amounts of time playing the drums in Rock Band, Jarred was able to play even the hardest songs on Expert mode. One night in December of 2008 after playing Rock Band, Jarred attempted to play the intro to Rush’s “YYZ” (horribly) on his dad’s kit, using his only 2 Rock Band drum sticks and everything he learned from playing the video game. That night was the catalyst that set the rest of Jarred's life in motion, and since then, his love for the drums has flourished. Although he’s only been playing for 6 years, Jarred plays with the finesse, style, and passion of a veteran drummer and is ready to show the world who he is, no mater how long it takes him to get there.

My Soultone Set: 

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20" Custom Brilliant Ride
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
7" Custom Brilliant Splash
14" Extreme Hi Hats
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
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