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Jared Sandhy

Jared Sandhy

I started playing the drums way back as a little kid. The instrument
absolutely enthralls me. I started on this musical odyssey by playing for the
worship services in church, and then at the age of 13, I joined the progressive hard rock band “Slain” as their drummer & one of the founding members. We went on to win almost every semi-pro & pro level competition there was in the country.

Slain was titled as the “rock machine” of India and has won
over 50+ competitions in the semi-pro, professional and Asia based
categories. We travelled all around the country winning numerous amount of
awards, I had managed to bag a number of “best drummer” awards in the
process. We continued to perform for seven years, and experienced being in the
spotlight that came with our success. We were featured on numerous music
magazines, air plays, and had many international reviews.

We even released our debut album “Here and Beyond” in the year 2010, and
that was met with much success and acclaim. As much as I enjoyed playing for
“Slain’’, there was something in my heart that always told me that
there was more to life and this musical journey than I had ever thought about
or comprehended.
In 2009, I decided to launch out into working on an experimental studio
project called “The Jo and Fred project”. That little project of mine led
to the birth of “Final Surrender”, and there’s been no stopping since
then. Starting off with my five-hour practice on the drums every day.

I began to explore myself through many genres and the study of playing for
many styles of music, which helped me session for many artists of various
categories of music. Drumming as always been the soul factor of any music and
I've loved to cherish every moment of it.
Very shortly I carried out to pursue my career in music, and joined the
Indian music industry, performing for artists and movies.
I also completed 8 grades of Piano Theory lessons through the Guildhall school of music
London for my exams.
This in turn helped me compose and arrange music, from which I produced
several local artists, bands and contributed my skills for movies in the South Indian Cinemas.

I also session as a drummer for many gospel artists and folk, contemporary pop music projects with whom I have and extensively travelled to some parts of the world, to countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,
Bhutan, Myanmar, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, and more. Performed to over 40,000/- people in average for Christian gospel events, being a part of their DVDs and album releases all around the world.

I also manage and play for ‘Final Surrender’ (Metal-core) band from
Bangalore, India. Signed to Rottweiler Records USA. I have composed,
co-written and produced 3 full length albums with Final Surrender so far.
Final Surrender is signed to American based record label 'Rottweiler Records'
from Arkansas, and we had William Rocky Gray from Evanescence, Living
Sacrifice & Machina X, produce one of our releases on the streak of music we
put out. Final Surrender is on 60 rock radio stations in the U.S.A. We guys
were on the TOP 20 at no 7 for Pure Rock Radio 2017 for the recent release '
Nothing But Void' available on all digital media portals. And have been on
top 20 charts for rock category in iTunes 3 times since 2013.

I also perform and write music for the world’s first international sitar
metal instrumental band ‘Mute The Saint’. The project released it's
independent album on the biggest Metal Website in the world called - 'Metal
Injection' in 2016. And we are off to work on our next release later this
year, and scheduled to tour Europe early 2018.

I also did national tours as a drummer for international artists such as top 10 American Idol Sean Mitchell (USA).

Drumming being my main job, has helped me evolve into many areas of the music
industry. I am currently on the top 10 drummers list of Indian Drummers.

I bagged best drummer awards:

The biggest rock festival in Asia – Hornbill Rock Fest
2011, 2014.
Was voted best metal drummer of 2012 – 2013 by Indian Drummer
Won many best drummer awards in the semi pro league across the country such
as ‘Strawberry Fields’, CMC & IIT’.
Nationally televised and interviewed multiple times.
Been on interviews and magazines with Rolling Stones, Rock Street Journal, HM
Magazine USA, Metal Injection, GearGods etc.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Extreme Mega Bell Ride
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
17" Extreme Crash
16" Gospel Crash
14" Gospel Hi Hats
18" Extreme China
10" FXO 5 Splash