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Jared Pease

Jared Pease

Raised in Richmond, Virginia, Jared started playing drums at the age of twelve. Quickly becoming enamored with the instrument he soon started performing in and around the Richmond scene. Embarking on his first tour at the age of sixteen, he traveled down the east coast and out to the mid west. Two years later he would move to Boston, MA and begin to perform with a number of different groups, playing a variety of genres including; Rock, Soul, Rn'B, Jazz, Latin, Indian Fusion, Jazz Fusion, Indian Classical, and with several different orchestras in the Boston area. While in Boston he would perform on a number of records, singles, and film scores, soon falling in love with working in the recording studio just as much as performing on stage.

After six years performing in and around the Boston area, Jared would move to Brooklyn, NY, where he quickly began to carve out a spot for himself in the scene. Working both as a session musician as well as performing live, he quickly landed his first tour across the United States. Performing with Granny 4 Barrel, opening for The Texas Hippie Coallition and Kobra and the Lotus for two months, not wasting anytime he was back on the road with Tender Beats, ten days after returning from his first tour, with another six weeks on the road with Granny 4 Barrel soon to come with CKY and Nekrogoblicon.

In between the four and a half months spent on the road in 2018 Jared was in the recording studio working with a variety of producers including Jeff Tomei, John Plenge, Godfrey Diamond, and Stephen Kurpis. Slowly building his own recording space to start doing remote session work. As 2018 came to a close Jared had high hopes for the start of the new year as it began with him working with Legendary producer David Bendeth. Performing on 3 EP's within the first three months of 2019, with several tours on the horizon, Jared has started to produce his first record with metal band WYN, an EP that is set to be released mid 2019, as well as working with management legends Bob Chiparti and Vicky Hamilton.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Natural Hi-Hat Pair
16" Natural Crash
22" Natural Ride
10" FXO 5 Splash
18" Natural Crash