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Jared J-Roc" Manns-Brown

Jared J-Roc" Manns-Brown

There are those who say that music was always a part of their lives and then there are the few where music is their life. Born in Newark, NJ in 1988, Jared “J-Roc” Manns-Brown grew up in two households. With his father half the week he devoured pop, R&B, rock, hip-hop, jazz and blues and at his mother’s house the other half of the week, religion was greatly valued, there Gospel was consumed. “I was told when my mother was caring me, I was kicking and tapping to a beat,” shares Jared. By the age of two “J-Roc” would use any and everything for sticks from straws to chop sticks and from a stack of papers to album covers for a snare substitute. The gifted child learned this through the absence of drum lessons, a private music instructor, or a book that taught the fundamentals of drumming. His lessons were strictly by ear and by watching music videos.

Jared attended church frequently. It was there he began to understand rhythm all together. This also gave him the opportunity to study Gospel musicians (Calvin Rogers, Gerald Heyward) who were skilled in their technique and for “J-Roc” to apply it to his own practice. “I later started imitating phenomenal jazz drummers such as Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, Dennis Cambers and Chris “Daddy” Dave, just to name a few, “ says Jared. The musicians of this caliber are whose style he tried, and currently continue to emulate while incorporating it with his own unique approach. Through out high school he involved himself in any form of extra curriculum activity regarding music, whether through the jazz ensemble, a percussionist in the concert band, gospel choir, and even the marching band. He went after anything he could tap his sticks on.

“J-Roc, ” he rocks so hard, hence the name, at age 16 participated in the arts Act-So competition. It’s a statewide contest for high school students who are heavily involved in the arts. The talented drummer placed 2nd in the musical performance section. Not a total success in his eyes, but a determination to set a new goal for himself – “be the best and only the best.”

At the tender age of 17, he auditioned along with hundreds of others to play for a popular Reggaton artist who was going to be featured at the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. “J-Roc” was the chosen one, and this opportunity introduced him to a new genre and greatly influenced him to broaden his horizons to playing different styles of music.

Over the years he has played at many clubs and churches, and has performed with a variety of regional musical artists. “The experience has not only been exposure for my talent, but another opportunity to perfect my sound, my skill, me…. music,” reveals Jared.

Soultone and “J-Roc” have a lot in common...they both have a great sense of good sound, music, and the idea of artistry. He represents the company musically perfect.