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Jamie O’Bryan Mickens

Jamie O’Bryan Mickens

Rev. Matthew Mickens and The Highway Travelers/ Roy and Revelation

Jamie O’Bryan Mickens was born on May 31, 1987 in Columbia South Carolina. He is the son of Mr. James & Mrs. Loistine Mickens. He has one brother and one sister. He currently resides in Hopkins, South Carolina. There, he lives with his wife, Jamie Denise Mickens, and his two lovely daughters, Jayanah (age 2) and Jaleyah (6 months old). He is employed at the Francise Burns United Methodist Church, of Columbia SC, where he is currently the percussionist, of eleven years. He’s also employed at Guardsmark Inc., Columbia SC, of one year.

Jamie loves music and loves to play any instrument that he’s able to learn how to play. He was raised within a Christian family, in the family church; where he was always surrounded by music. He began playing drums at the age of two, with the help and teachings of his father. By the time he was nine, he began playing for a local quartet group for the very first time. With this group he recorded three albums.

He is an independent artist and musician, who is always looking to work with various talents. He’s helped various groups as a musician and producer in the studio. He has sat in on numerous studio sessions, taking advantage of any opportunity there is to learn more about this craft that he has so passionately devoted himself to. He possesses the kind of talent that many wish they were blessed with.

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